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Born in 1979 and brought up in Hawk Green, I first encountered a love for art when watching my grandad draw animals on cut-up cereal boxes. At secondary school, I developed a love for pop art where I first encountered Roy Lichtenstein’s work (my favourite artist). At college, I studied design & technology alongside art & design. Which is reflected in my artwork, demonstrating order & chaos, precision & freedom.

I have visited art galleries in countries across the globe and am in awe at the talent and vision of others. I take inspiration from everything I see in the work of other artists and also in everyday life. Being myopic left-handed and colourblind means I see and experience the world differently from most (This is a blessing and sometimes a curse!). I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2004, and recovering from that bombshell has been the most challenging part of my life so far. Art has helped in my recovery as it centers me and gives me great joy & pleasure, which I hope the viewer feels too. I listen to an eclectic mix of music whilst I paint. This helps me concentrate and effects how and what I paint in equal measures. 

I’d describe my work as abstract realism, a moniker that I am more than comfortable with. My favorite part of my work is asking the viewer What do you see? as I never get the same answer twice. 

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