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I am South London based; I have no formal art training although at some point in the 90's I did study graphic design for two years. It was as part of these studies that it was suggested I write something on the effects of photography on abstract art [or words to that effect].

It was then that I started seeing abstracts everywhere and started photographing bits of decaying walls. The course ended and I decided that I was likely to be the oldest junior graphic designer in town if I got a job as one so I carried on working in the record shop I had been working in whilst studying and eventually drifted into an office job for 15 years until I was made redundant.


So I then spent a few months doing an online MOMA course, which taught me a little about paint and various artists' techniques but the only way to learn was to get stuck in, produce some work and put it somewhere where someone could see it. And four years later here we are...


I have photographed bits of decaying wall since that graphic design course in the 90s so it seems natural for me to reproduce those as paintings or at least the inspiration for [most of] them. The brain is a great economiser of resources and is happy to be misdirected. Unless you are thinking of decorating chances are you won't notice marks on your walls. I do and I like to paint them!


I am pursuing a kind of naive abstraction. An urban minimalism. Grids of text, texture, and redaction. A palimpsest of acrylic, collage, printed ephemera, an evocation of wabi- sabi and ghost signs. I'm not there yet but I'm getting closer.


Forthcoming Exhibitions

Brixton Winter Art Show 2020, Brixton Library, December 2020

Solo Show, Brixton Library, Date TBC 2021

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