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My name is Sue and I have recycled myself on many occasions from career areas which have included Stained Glass work, Interior Design and the life of a Pilates Instructor.

I am now an emerging Artist living and working in Staffordshire and also spending periods of time on the beautiful North Wales Coast which I’m happy to say greatly influences my art. I am self taught and always use my imagination to look beyond the norm to develop interesting and different techniques. My main inspiration comes from coastal landscapes, beautiful sunsets, the sea and silhouettes.

I work with mixed media which will include an array of materials such as watercolours, ink, charcoal, chalk and sand to name but a few. I like to create an atmospheric backdrop on to which I will place a silhouetted subject to give the piece a sense of place. I love to use the silhouettes from my photography of people and animals that mean a lot to me and to this end I can offer bespoke work too.

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