Elafonisi, 70 x 106 cm, oil on canvas.jp



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My name is Sula Repani and I was born in Athens, Greece. 

In 1977, I started studying finance at the Athens University of Economics and Business but Fine Art was always my main interest, an ultimate need and pure love. 

So in 1979-1984, I studied Fine Art at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece. I also completed a 2 year course of Byzantine and Fresco painting, at the same school. 

In 1986 I travelled to Spain when I won the Greek Government's only scholarship allowing me to complete my postgraduate studies. Since then I have lived in Galicia, Spain. 

I have had exhibitions and across Europe and my work can be found in private collections in the USA, the UK, Spain, Greece, Belgium and New Zealand.

My paintings can be viewed by the general public in different places across Spain and also in my private gallery, 'The Obradoiro de Artes'. 

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