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Sumali is a self-taught artist from Colombo, Sri Lanka. In her daily life she works as a financial advisor but her love for art has always given her a keen desire to pursue it further. However, her journey as an artist began later on in life. Today, Sumali is an active artist, who develops her own style and artistic identity. She enjoys experimenting with vibrant colour palettes and different media. Her work ranges from classic oil paints to alcoholic inks and epoxy resins. The dominant style of her paintings is abstract and differs from traditional techniques to a blend of modern mixed media techniques.


Sumali’s inspiration is drawn from her travel, surroundings, the people she interacts with and things that capture her eye. Her paintings represent freedom, joy and positivity.


Solo exhibitions:

“Genèse” - February 2015 - Sri Lanka 
“KOLORFLO” - July 2018 - Sri Lanka


Team assignments:

Brush with strokes - II (2014 - Sri Lanka) 
Kala Pola - (Sri Lanka - 2013 / Feb 2020) 
Roy’s Art Fair - Oct 2019 (London, United Kingdom) 
Art Innsbruck 2020 - January 2020, Austria (in collaboration with Van Gogh Gallery, Madrid) 
Collective Art Exhibition - March 15, 2020 - Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain. 


Artist Catalogue - Aesthetica Magazine – Artist directory (February / March 2020)