Sumertizan, a Turkish economist, computer scientist, and contemporary art is a graduate of the American high school of Robert College (Istanbul) and Bocconi University (Milan). Throughout his art life, he has been interrogating the ideas of sexuality, gender issues, violence, and money-making.

Specialized in the oil pastel technique, the artist also uses burning, cutting, and stitching techniques occasionally to catch a ying-yang spirit between constructivism and deconstructivism.

As he says “writing is a form of art” artist is in a very intense love&hate relationship with the form of writing. His ultimate goal is to capture a very abstract feeling and reflect it to the audience using his writings with the support of his use of color and repetitive techniques. Although ‘a writing’ stands in a place very far away from being abstract, the artist is trying to demolish this perception by writing absolutely nothing meaningful in a way we are used to. With the idea of telling something via letters but not actually using their common utility, which is typing words and sentences, the artist is continuously trying to free the letters from their utility but keeps using them to make his point. This way Sumertizan is trying to reinvent the use of letters, where his pseudonym comes from: a portmanteau of the words ‘Sumerians’ (people who invented writing and time) and ‘Artizan’.

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