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My name is Susanne Scheffczyk, and I was born 1962 in Hamburg, Germany, where I work as an independent artist and art therapist.
I’ve been painting for 35 years and exhibited my works in local galleries, cafés, public agencies, airline companies and other venues.


The first steps of my paintings are usually done freely and without any pre-planning; it’s about working with colours, the joy of feeling the brush gliding over the canvas while creating a finished painting.

I feel a deep urge to paint, to create art. When painting, I’m especially close to my inner self, connected to my own subconsciousness, and the deluge of information everyday life provides flows into my art.

My artwork is the result of a constant dialogue between my materials and my artistic intent, resulting in a huge variety of techniques used and a special fondness for mixed media techniques; as well as a wide spectrum of artistic expressions, from realistically painted figurative art to completely abstract works.