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Susi is a multi disciplinary artist from South Africa who is very drawn to nature and the emotions evoked by her surroundings. She draws inspiration mostly from the beauty in Africa, its people, the landscapes and wild life. When painting she tries to choose a medium that would convey the image or emotion which she wishes to portray.
Her works often vary greatly in size. She improvises with the mediums she chooses to try and achieve the desired end result. Having studied Fine Arts for 4 years she does paint portraits, landscapes and figurative works in a more traditional approach, however also likes to manifest self expression and personal freedom by drawing
from deeply felt emotions and memories within her psyche.

The often random marks, procedures, mediums and brush marks she uses allows her to stumble onto new experimentation and uncover the journey of creating art with out constraints. She feels artists should never feel complacent in any particular genre so she allows the paint to form something surprising; more than just an image. The viewer should respond with some emotion when seeing the works :be they paintings, sculptures or carvings. Susi feels uncomfortable when not challenged in the use of any one particular medium or subject matter. Her best known paintings and portraits are when she captures the very nature of Africa, African tribes, the dust, the wide open spaces, birdlife and the unusual adornments of the East African tribal people. She also
paints large contemporary pieces which convey something she has seen, felt or remembered, not just what she “sees”! Even though bright colours are used her palette is in general subdued and earthbound. Birds feature often as a subject matter, either rendered in refinement and accuracy but also in childlike absurdity, thus allowing
her the total freedom she seeks in the act of art making.

Commissions are welcome World wide shipping available on request Works currently and previously exhibited at; Intoto Gallery, Johannesburg The Brick Lane Gallery, Shoreditch, London, UK The Grande Provence Gallery, Franschoek, Western Cape The Galloping Gallery, Sedgefield, Western Cape The Fine Art Gallery, Knysna,
Western Cape.

South African artist Susi Rood makes original artworks which are inspired by her life in Africa as well as her interior world. She chooses freely between her subjects ranging from landscapes, portraits and still life’s, as well as her mediums which include painting, sculpture, and carving. Susi uses experimentation and an expressive technique to transform her subjects by integrating the figurative and abstract qualities
in these atmospheric and contemplative works.

Circle Foundation Artist of the Year Award : Honourable Distinction : 2017
Circle Affiliate Artist Certificate for Technical Skill & Dedication : 2018
Voted Top 100 Woman Artist for Out Of Africa Womxn Exhibition August 2020

Upcoming Events:
Womxn Exhibition : ArtatAfrica

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