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Suze Schneider is a UK born artist, based in the North West of England.  Born in 1963 she has a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art and her work is multi-disciplinary – combining painting, photography, digital art and printmaking with a varied use of collage and textiles.   Describing herself as a slowly emerging artist she has continued to study and practise, finding ways to fund herself through many, varied kinds of jobs and part -time teaching.


Her work has been shown around England and in Holland and France.  Most recently she has shown pieces in New York, Zurich and Miami through the Artbox Projects with which she continues to be involved and will be showing with them again in Barcelona, in Autumn 2020.   Her work is a mixture of observation and emotional responses, which may not be a cause for discussion on world events but they tell a part of her story as a woman and her daily experiences and emotional struggles, which may trigger a conversation between the artist, the artwork and the public.

Through her eyes she observes the everyday: she draws from photographs taken daily on walks; relishing the time and space between leaving somewhere and reaching the destination: time to reflect, to be mindful, to observe.  Is drawn to the cracks in the pavement, the peeling layers of paint, the everyday grime slowly dulling and eroding.  The tracks and traces left by the passing of people and time.  The joy in the newness of things and intrigue in what was once new and is now abandoned/unwanted/lost/unloved.  

There is a huge amount of emotion in her work but it is also very much about the manipulation of materials and building up surfaces to take them away: scratching and digging into layers – an excavation of her own history which is also a therapeutic response.  The processes feed her work and the making of the arbitrary marks created from the building up and sanding down of materials become the subject matter.  There can be personal elements which she can share or choose not to reveal to the viewer whilst she continues her slow emergence.

Being a female Gemini and artist, there appear to be two sides to Suze’s work. Her work may seem quite serious and is, but there is a lighter side in personality and work.  She is flamboyant and adores fashion (particularly vintage) and when not painting in her studio, spends her time crocheting and knitting in the room next door, often incorporating this into her work.

Her most recent paintings have an urban feel and she has been experimenting with aerosols, templates and cut-outs.

Suze Schneider’s work can be seen on Instagram, @ivy_lux_omni, where you get to see lots of her work in progress, or on her website.  


She has done several interviews with online art magazines, discussing her life, work and influences:

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