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Svenja White is an artist who specialises in abstract art using mixed media.

 Her creations are expressive and colourful, celebrating life and discovering the beauty in all small, forgotten things, encouraging the viewer to dream and connect with her art, seeing what only the individual can see.

 No one connects with a piece of art quite the same way, or feels the same emotions; that, to Svenja, is the beauty of abstract art.


Born and raised in Berlin, her art is inspired by the quirkiness of the famous fast living capital.

The artist loves to innovate and experiment greatly with colours, media and new techniques.

Inspired  from years of living in Edinburgh and the uniquely combined beauty of urban and nature that the Scottish Capital holds, and later in her family life, residing in  a quiet town in the south west of England, close to the sea and woodlands, Svenja has shaped her art to reflect the beauty she sees in everyday life.

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