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Tadaomi is known as “Matte Painter” in the film industry. He was involved with “Academy Awarded”  "Life Of Pi" movie. He is painting with a traditional way “Acrylic” as well as photorealistic “Digital Paint”. Recently he is shifting from digital painting to acrylic painting. In order to show his art skill with advanced over 14 years of painting experience. He thinks his works should not be shown only 2 hours of public view in film shows, but the permanent view on canvas in your room.

His traditional paintwork is known as street style and his portraits with a great power load as “Spontaneous realism”. Tadaomi considers himself as an artist of coloring and strokes inspired by the experience of  anatomy, Lighting and shadowing from the film Industry he is working. The main theme of most of his pieces has to do with true emotions and represent feeling from human faces. Although his painting looks just a realism portrait, If we look close to his painting, There are no wasted brush strokes. Every stroke has own role to represent the figure and emotions. One of his efforts themes is "Fewer brush strokes but powerful". He is reading muscle streaks and representing it with a couple of brush strokes. Tadaomi's paintings have a special force behind the delicate portraits. The colors blend in perfect harmony giving the characters an exotic and mysterious air that impacts the viewer. Their characters always intend that they are going through some kind of transformation. His style placed the middle of “Abstract” and “Pop Art” with a bit of  “Impressionism”.

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