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Tami St George Hedley is a contemporary artist originally from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and is currently based in London.

Through her expressionistic and semi-abstract works, she explores a multitude of meanings, feelings, and emotions by using Acrylic and Mixed Media form in order to convey the power of Mother Nature - resulting in an immersive experience for the viewer. As well as this – and since moving to the cosmopolitan capital of the world, London – her work spans not just the memories of her spiritual motherland, but also the contemporary notions of modern life in the big city.

Tami trained as an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and her belief in the power of art as a therapeutic tool is in tune with the power of self-exploration through creativity. This power is not just exclusive to the artists themselves, as is clearly recognized in her work, but also transfers to the audience, the viewer, as they are taken on a journey into the worlds that she creates in her paintings. From gestural sweeps of colour, to mark-making and selective use of collage and textural surfaces, Tami’s work has exhibited and sold all over the globe, including the United Kingdom, Egypt, and of course New Zealand. 

All work is signed on the front and includes a certificate of authenticity. All work is protected with a layer of gloss medium varnish. Paintings on box canvases are ready to hang. Paintings on paper are on cold-pressed heavyweight paper, or sheet canvas, and are supplied with a mount ready for framing. Some work is also framed by the artist.

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