Tanase'x was born in Japan and is now a contemporary fine artist based in Japan.

He lived New York after wandering England and Australia. 

After he had study to the School of Visual Art -NY, he announced the painting work, exhibits to the group exhibition that the art gallery in New York sponsors. 

He was making collage works with special techniques. Whether it was a photograph? or a painting?, it was an abstract work that inspired the viewer's senses.


In this "Anonymous Portrait" series, Tanase'x takes that technique even further.

Monochrome paintings are reminiscent of the traditional Japanese painting "Sumi-Art", but Tanase'x is strongly influenced by Japanse Comics "Manga", and his technique and materials are completely different from "Sumi-Art".

By fusing digital and analog techniques in a hybrid and collage, Tanase'x connects the past-present-future in his work.


Tanase'x says.

"The artist's thoughts and the viewer's thoughts do not always match. 

For example, Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" looks "sad" to someone and "smiling" to someone.

If you look at it on another day, you may get a different impression. 

Perhaps the impression may change after a few minutes or even a few seconds. 

Even if the impression changes, still remember seeing the work. Because it inspired your senses.

Portraits sometimes ask, "Who are you?" Even though we are watching, there is a feeling of being seen by a portrait person. It's clearly communication.

People will have various impressions of "Anonymous Portrait" that my art work.But at that point you and I are connected and communicating.

If you remember it, you can talk about it. Even if it is different from the artist's intention, the viewer's impression is various, and if it is remembered, the significance of the work will exist. 

I want to make someone's memorable art work."

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