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My name is Tara Hunt and I am a Southern artist based in Charlotte, NC.  I currently work in acrylic, watercolor, and alcohol-based inks. Having lived many years in the Carolinas and Florida, my work is greatly inspired by nature and the tropics.  I also have a background in photography which helps me capture and recreate scenes that evoke vivid memories in my paintings.

Art is a means of communicating my emotions and ideas. I want the viewer to feel both a sense of energy and calm through my use of color and detail.  As a young child, I had eye surgery to correct a condition called Strabismus where images are often double and blurred.  After surgery, I was so grateful to see the world accurately. I noticed the world and its details more vividly.  My goal is to share this incredible gift we all have that is vision.

Nature is full of vivid colors and startling patterns.  I want the viewer to stop and notice the details of their surroundings and objects around them. Some of the most influential artists for me are those that share feelings of love and joy through color. Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Dale Chihuly, Frida Kahlo, and most recently Yayoi Kusama and Kehinde Wiley are all artists that inspire me today.  

I adore working with people on commissioned projects. One of the things I’ve learned creating custom art is that people want pieces that have special meaning for them.  People often bring me reference photos that capture a childhood home or have sentimental value. It is extremely fulfilling to create pieces that evoke visceral feelings of nostalgia for a client. 



              International Photography Awards (IPA): Honorable Mention: New York Gull 2011

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