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Born in a tiny little village under the mountains, surrounded by luscious forests, I have always been attracted to the peculiar ways in which nature coloured and carved itself.

The chaos, rawness, unpredictability, and everchanging attitude of nature confused me and intrigued me both at the same time and have as such greatly inspired my artistic expressions. As an intuitive explorer of the natural world and a passionate collector of stones, I, later on, realized that my art actually represented a simplified and personified exploration of nature's forms, textures and attitudes.

Painting is a passage through which I am able to express my deepest feelings, attitudes, and aspirations, exactly as they are, without stripping them or manipulating them through words. As such I consider them to be the exact representations of the being that I am at the moment of creating them. Every single piece is a collection of images, memories, feelings, and attitudes that reflect my internal perception of the world and nature itself.

I work mostly with acrylics and plaster, to create textures and layers that resemble natural textures of stones, rocks, ground and other nature´s shapes.

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