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 My name is Tasha Wolff. I was born in USSR. And since it doesn't exist anymore it means I was born nowhere. That fact was determinating in my work: wild goose chases. As I was there I  was suffocated by the soviet realism, moral and political line. But since I left, many years ago I, started to appreciate some soviet art's expression, mainly soviet sculpture which releases the huge force and energy, seems to me in temporal, expressive,majestic. The intensity is what I'm looking for. It also suffered from the banality, boring quotidian, luck of creativity, permanent regulation of human being so much, that when I left I fell in some kind of excessiveness, I wanted to catch up with the lost time and live several lives. I become a secret agent. I lived very dangerously,changing countries,on the razor's edge. During my pilgrimage I never stopped drawing and painting,I felt that it wasn't enough but I couldn't do more with those kind of life of mine. But since I settled up I began to do what I always wanted:volume and sculpture. And since my life is normal I replaced these need of fulfillment in my artwork which often is overflowing and abundant. I made studies of drawing in Saint Roch academy in Bruxelles and drawing and painting in the city art school of La Seyne Sur Mer, but I am completely self-made regarding volume and sculpture. I  work on two main themes:Exodus (the idea of moving forward an amazing and enthralling unknown,towards unavailables worlds,infinity,defy  the laws of reason).; and Organitronc(organic trunk) which is unreal reality, evil and subliminal fusion of organic and orgasmic elements, creation of new metaphysic entities.

I made a very shot artistic entry almost 20 years ago with 3 exhibitions: Bruxelles ,Musée d'art spontané(juin 1998),Grand Prix de Peinture in Solliés Pont(1999) and a personal exhibition in "Espace Comedia" (April 2000). Then I had to be in the shadow and since last year I decided to try more in the artistic field .A lot of my plans are disturbed by the Corona Virus situation ,I was selected for an exhibition in Chongquing Art Museum by Parshmin Art galery,I will participate in ART Box Barcelona(October 2020), I have an exhibition with Galerie Libre est l'art in Paris (planned in May, don't know the new date), and I'll exhibit I Zurich during Swissartexpo in august 2020(seems to be maintained).

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