Belorussian pianist and soft pastel artist specializing mostly in seascapes. Graduate of  Belorussian Academy of  Music, Tanya has always had a craving for art but started painting seriously only three years ago, when accidentally found a box of pastels at home. Since that time it is becoming a great passion.

Dreams of living closer to the sea, to be dissolved in its freshness, to be able to observe a miracle of translucent waters make to create all this on paper and help to partly make these dreams come true.

She paints what she wants to see in front of her eyes.

Musical life is full of emotions, and no matter if you play for yourself or the audience in a concert.  And the process of exchanging energies is complicated, great but emotionally hard.

Painting, especially painting water surfaces,  water stones, and sunsets is another power, which somehow keeps emotions in balance.


Welcome to the world of pastel water with Tanya.

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