We love giving unique, emerging artists the professional platform they deserve in order to expose their work to an international audience. We take care of the promotion and sales while connecting artists to buyers - this way, our members can focus on creating exceptional artwork which they can take great pride in selling. For a better idea of what Hansford And Son's Emerging Artist Platform does for its members, have a read of the opinions of artists who we have supported.

“Additional to my website I have with E.A.P another selling point. My artworks are beautifully displayed for sale. I had a special wish: my artworks should be shown with closeups and pictures with interior. E.A.P fulfilled my wish! I like that I can add and remove my paintings at any time.” - Sabine Schlindwein

"I can't speak highly enough of Misha and all the help she has given me. Always gets back really quick, always willing to help out. I find Emerging Artist Platform great people to work with and I'm so happy to be with them. Very professional and I highly recommend. Ten out of Ten." - Lorraine Walker

"What a great experience I've had dealing with the Emerging Artist Platform, the curators have been really helpful and encouraging right from the start and seem to have a genuine interest in working with the artists. Really happy with the page the team have put together, with a very easy process to add new peices. Look forward to working with them more in the future" - Mike Miller

"I would like to thank you so much for all the hard work you put into organising my exhibition at the Gallery in Stony Stratford, we had a great communication with eachother and Lucien did a marvellous job in hanging my art work, and thanks to all your help with my Instagram, looking forward to be working with you both soon" - Sonia Bacchus

"I am having a good experience with Emerging Artists Platform. They made me a very professional page with my bio and artwork listed. Misha has advertised my work on her instagram page and I picked up several new followers. I haven't had difficulty getting in contact with the staff and they have answered all my questions. Overall I feel joining the organisation was a great move." - Angela Stout

"It's not always easy for new artists to get visibility on not only social media but to have somewhere to showcase their artwork. The Emerging Artist Platform is really a great opportunity for artists to get recognition, especially if they're just starting out. It has been lovely to work with Misha and the broader team to get my page set up. Everything has been done with ease and I'm looking forward to seeing my work on the platform soon" - Joy Chiang

'I am very happy .. to be a member of the emerging artist platform and work with them. I feel that during the collaboration, I have had a positive effect in introducing my artwork. In Indonesia my artwork is becoming more and more recognised .. I am proud to be a part of them" - Jeti Wegig

"I joined the team at Emerging Artist platform in June of this year and I think it was a great decision. All of my interactions with the lovely staff have been friendly, encouraging and supportive. I am very happy with the beautiful, professional webpage they made for me. It is very visible and easy to find. My work has also been featured on Instagram in the Emerging Artist platform and ArtfinderUK feeds, as well as in their my-stories. When my work is featured, it received a great deal of views and lovely comments. This promotion has increased traffic on my IG account and boosted followers. I became a part of Emerging Artist Platform for a visible international presence and they delivered. But more than that, I have membership in a welcoming, vibrant art community, something I greatly appreciate and value." - Sofie Skapski

"The emerging artist platform team are nothing short of amazing! They are the most friendly and helpful bunch I've ever worked with and have provided me with exhibition opportunities early within my artists career. I'd definitely recommend" - Lauren Burley

"Lauren was wonderful walking me through the process and being available. You were very fast at getting my page done and just wonderful dealing with my editing request. Thank you so much. I am very happy to be on the Emerging Artist Platform!" - Soli Grace

"I have been part of the EAP team for a few months now and they have helped me reach out with my art. Both by being featured on instagram, their website and participating in one of their virtual exhibitions. I have always received quick answers if I have any questions and can warmly recommend them with all my heart to everyone, both new and established artists"- Jennie Oien

"The experience I have had so far with emerging artist platform is outstanding - I have joined this summer thanks to Sarah that found my profile and contacted me. She explained everything with attention to details and had all answers ready for all of my questions and even had the possibility to schedule a video call. The support you get is also wonderful and I must say all the art curators there are so professional also very pleasant to talk to. They really make you feel like you are part of the family and truly appreciated as an artist. Also, my first exhibition with them at Hansford And Sons Gallery in Stony Stratford was an outstanding experience. I had the chance to share my works with some other very talented artists that are in some aspects similar to my style of painting. It was such a great honour to be part of this show and gave me so much more exposure. The work they have done on social media, at the gallery, supporting me with and my queries and the professionalism they have shown was superb. Shame I could not visit as I am in Italy but it was all well worth it and I am so looking forward to the next exhibition I could take part in. I think my name will be a little more common between people that follow the page and that are interested in art. All thanks to the great effort the curators have put. Special thanks to the ones that have been so helpful to me: Ginny, Lauren, Sara and Jazz" - Matia Santini

"Working with the emerging artist platform has been so opening and supportive for my artwork. As a young artist just finding her feet, being offered this opportunity has given me the foundations to get my work out there. Misha and her team have been so kind, helpful and attentive. They ensure they create your page to the highest standard; including a background pice about yourself. This allows you to express your personality and showcase you as an artist which I think gives such a personal touch to your page! To any young or old artist who wants an opportunity of a lifetime to start making a name for themselves, I would recommend the emerging artist platform as an amazing kick start to this pathway." - Liv Silkk

"Emerging Artist Platform is a brilliant innovation designed for emerging artists like myself who are consumed with trying to find their voice. The team takes care to promptly upload my work as it’s completed. They are super professional and responsive! I feel like I have a personal assistant quietly working on my behalf in the background, allowing me to focus exclusively on painting. This is so validating and comforting. I am grateful to be represented by EAP and to be included among so many fine artists. Thank you, I really appreciate being on this team!" - Ingrid McMillan

"I am very happy with EAP since joining in July 2020.  All the representatives are approachable and professional. I help to promote my own work alongside EAP and I inform fellow artists of my good experience with EAP. At the beginning of September two of my paintings featured in a virtual exhibition with EAP and I look forward to working with EAP for many years to come." - Tony Scruton

"So far my journey with this platform has been good, I was more than thrilled to be asked to join your team and sell my art on your page. Even though the page took a while, I am very happy with the outcome of my personal page and the team is very supportive and the response time is quick. I am looking forward to selling my artwork and growing with your team." - Pooja Tane

"My Aura Art page on instagram has gathered a lot of traction and I have to owe some of that for the exposure from Hansford And Sons Emerging Artist platform. I was approached by one of their representatives; Lauren who was excellent! Supportive and helpful, Lauren and everyone else at Hansford And Sons have been the spring board for my future art journey...couldn't recommend them more" - Aura Art

"I am very grateful for being contacted by you from the beginning, it meant a lot for a beginner like me🥰 I feel challenged by the other artists and I hope to improve my skills a lot in this amazing community! I love my page and the contact with you have been really good when I need to change things and add more paintings etc. My dream is that people will like my art, buy it and feel inspired. Someday I hope to be one of your featured artists and run a solo exhibition😍 Thank you so much!" - Isabelle Larson

"I'm very happy to be part of your team. since I have published with you, I have learned a lot both from the Gallery and from the other Artists. they have published several of my works on the associated Instagram accounts and that has made many people know my art. I thank you infinitely for selecting me to be part of this project. Greetings from Argentin Patagonic" - Sergio Malinow

"I want to thank Emerging Artist Platform of Hansford And Sons for having me as one of their artists. I've been on the platform a few months and I can say it's ben a good experience so far as I have met some great fellow artists, they promoted my artworks on their Instagram account and their consultants are very nice and professional." - Oana Dianna Gavrilla

"I am very pleased to work with the Emerging Artist Platform. my works are always very professionally visible. A beautiful website and a recent presentation at a virtual exhibition" - Ivona Weber

"The Emerging Artists platform is a great point for an artist to show case their work to a large audience. The team is authentic and invested in the success of the artist. I trust the platform and the team with my art goals and career" - Nisha Kapoor

"I was super excited to be invited to join the Emerging Artists Platform earlier this year. Setting up my profile was a breeze and I am really pleased with how professional it looks and how well presented the work is. It is fantastic to be able to promote my work through a first-rate outlet such as this and the staff have been really supportive ton social media too" - Miguel Sopena

'My experience with the EAP team has been mostly great! Everyone on the team has been very kind and responsive when I reach out! And I love my EAP site. I’m very proud to be on there! My only complaint is that things can take longer than expected and I have had to follow up multiple times to see things through, like with the creation of my site. But overall, I’m satisfied and happy about my EAP profile! Thank you!" - Wendy Warner

“So far I’ve been really impressed with the guys over at Hansford & Sons/Emerging Artist Platform! Incredibly helpful and positive, clear and informative communication when dealing with them. I’m excited to grow with them as a business and look forward to future shows and exhibits!" - Will Claridge