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Landscape Artist, Thembi Khumalo was born and raised in South Africa,Gauteng.Her earliestexperiences can be traced back to her childhood with the various teachers who helped shape her artistic talent. At the age of 15, Ms. Khumalo recalls her teacher, who taught her Arts and Culture would often tell her that she had an amazing talent especially when it came to creating Artworks coming from a child.

" To be honest, I never knew what Art was when i started Sketching, the only thing i knew was that I enjoyed the journey of creating something from my head and expressing it on a blank page since i was a bit of an introvert. This was the only way of expressing myself and I loved the feeling that came with creating. I knew then , that this was something I had to do. That was 9 years ago, I  still feel the same excitement when I pick up a brush and start painting. "

Upon Graduating from the Vaal University of Technology whereby she obtained her National Diploma in Fine Art, 2019. She was selected to represent the faculty of the Arts and Design on the University's  website due to her immersive landscape oil paintings. Ms Khumalo was involved in the 1st group exhibition themed, 'Africa's Art Collective Seasons: Autum" hosted by Julie Miller Investment Art Institute in South Africa  within the Mall of Africa. Prior to graduation,  she was granted an internship within the  The South African Police Museum in Pretoria,  South Africa whereby she was in charge of carving details on a wax sculpture of the famous , Apartheid icon freedom fighter Steve Biko currently on display within the Museum.

Thembi has built a diverse portfolio of commissionedArtworks with Government and Private professionals which includes her landscape artworks created in Chalk pastels, oil and Acrylic,  digital artworks and photography and a touch of sculpture that represents the rich, vegitation of the South African landscape and the various cultures found within South Africa.

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