One of the most lovely places in North Brittany is the place where I was born. Dinard is a small city next to the sea with two faces like most of the villages and cities next to the sea in Brittany. Bustling during the summer when the temperature is increasing, just like the number of people coming for holidays. Conversely cold in winter, nobody in the street, but with a great nature show for locals. It’s true storm sweeping the shore.
I was at sea very young. I was a few months old when my father took me for my first sailboat tour. I didn’t know yet but I’d just met my first love, the sea. Then I grew up next to Dinard on the Emerald Coast. The sediment in the sea causes beautiful colors. The sea bed is composed of hot yellow sand, seaweeds like flowers and mineral rocks. The sky, the clouds the sea are playing together every day and the artist, mother nature is creating new colors with all these elements. I think is the reason I love colors and the mixtures we can do with them.
After this discovery of the sea and the associate elements, I discovered the other love; the painting. I first discovered the painting with a partnership between the school of my village and one artiste, Monik Rabasté a specialist of the famous artist Jean Cocteau. We were coming to paint and to learn each week for one year in his home. An art gallery, workshop, and paint school in one.
The sea somehow got the upper hand of me for my career choice. I decided to go to the French Merchant Marine school to be next to my first love the sea and to travel. I had a huge chance to travel and to see new colors, new oceans, and new landscapes. After a few years around the world, I decided to join the NGO MSF/SOS Méditerranée. During the first mission of 9 weeks on board the vessel Aquarius I strangely needed to draw between rescue operations. I think my brain needed this. Like it told me go! draw, you want it, and it’s good for you! I offered my first work to my colleague who was sharing the same cabin with me. The same thing happened with friends in the cabin next to ours and finally all crew on board. Since this experience, my new passion for drawing, painting, and the art world is increasing day by day.

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