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Boozhoo! Translated from Ojibway, Respectful greetings!

Miiskwabiik maadjakiwis N’deznikaas. The Red Metal Whirlwind who sits in the western doorway is my name.

Mizhiiken N’doodem. The turtle is my clan.

Couchiching N’doonjba. Couchiching Indian Reservation in Ontario, Canada is where I am from.

In my home country of Canada, the name the government recognizes me by is Thomas Sinclair. I am a multimedia artist who was trained by master woodland artist Isadore Wadow in my childhood until the time of his murder on the streets of Thunder Bay Ontario. I am the carrier of the recipe to the oldest paint, The pictograph pigments. On October 10, 2020, I painted a pictograph on the northwest corner of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto Canada, in honour of my ancestors burial mounds that were dug up and whose remains now rest in the museum.

My aim in creating woodland style art is to help awaken the spiritual being that lays dormant inside of us all, and that kindness and compassion and love are the greatest and most powerful things in the world. Through images of the sacred Ojibway birch bark scrolls and pictographs, I am trying to help remind people of the unseen connection and spiritual communication and relationship we have with all things
surrounding us. Together we can build respect for all life, and build better relationships between all nations, and truly become humanity.