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My work aims to explore culture as well as people on a collective and individual scale. Currently, most of my work explores female empowerment and unconventional female beauty. I use cubist and expressive techniques to deconstruct the face to exaggerate or minimize the female figure within a setting to evoke a personal psychological experience.

In developing my methodologies, I am beginning to examine concepts of unconventional religion. I like to conceptualize different deities from Hindu, Greek, Norse, and Christian faith, by contrasting and comparing them to the human disposition. Working within these themes, portraiture is also a fascination of mine. I am committed to the practice of painting and drawing the faces of notable artists, and great minds of our time whom I personally admire; which are contemporary heroes, as well as historical ones. I like to commune with my subjects on an intimate/psychic level of understanding, to attempt to capture their prominence within my own work. I use an array of techniques, from acrylic, oil, chalk, pencil and mixed media. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with using a lightbox, I will trace my own work while experimenting with different colors or media to generate multiple progressed likenesses. Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh, Greta Thunberg, Stephan Colbert, and Bernie Sanders are some of the important faces I have painted and drawn.

I like to utilize different supplies which are available to me, mostly I work with oils and acrylics, chalks and colored pencil. As of lately, I have been incorporating watercolors into my work. Stepping outside of my comfort zone is very important to me as an artist.

At times, I draw my inspiration for my canvas on salvaged materials, such as cardboard backings, ripped or damaged canvases, matboard, and scrap-wood as well as a variety of objects and materials that can be potentially used as a surface to draw or paint on. I began using these salvaged materials out of necessity, yet now I choose to use these scrap materials conceptually in my work, to incorporate what others may deem disposable into my artistic practice. We live in a world of excess and waste, especially in the United States, so while I derive inspiration from these recycled items, I feel it is important for the conservation of our planet as well. Especially during these times, I am proud to salvage and reconstitute what I can.

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