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I’m a self-taught artist who likes to create in a variety of styles and mediums, often using unusual techniques to get the paint onto the canvas.

 I have exhibited, and sold some work, here in Melbourne (mainly in Group Exhibitions, but also had a Solo Exhibition a couple of years ago), and some paintings in Cafes and Shop).

 My passion is for Modern and Contemporary Art, often merging art styles (such as Abstract and Surrealism, or Psychedelic, Abstract and Cubism, etc), in order to achieve the look I’m going for.  My work generally contains elements of Abstract Art, but with recognizable objects, or figures. Having said that, I definitely do have some purely abstract works.

 I have a fairly large body of work at hand, ranging from colored pencil drawings to oil and acrylic paintings (which are also in my Instagram Feed @artshapeshifter).

 Thank you very much for taking the time to read this Bio

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