I have always been interested in art since the time I was in elementary school. I used to sit and draw and escape into my own world and that world became my own little haven and the characters I would draw were an extension of myself. I had the freedom to do anything there. But like all things in this world, time moved on and I grew up and my focus shifted to expressing my feeling through the written word. I became a poet in my early twenties and my emotions would just pour out of me onto the page.

     It was so easy for me to write. The poetry would come to me in dreams or I would get lost in the emotion of the day and I would be compelled to take pen to paper and write. I have over the years written a lot of poems and have been published in anthologies and magazines.

     I have expressed myself in many ways over the years. Sometimes through poetry and other times through my photography. For a while I also expressed myself in the digital art form of taking photos of nature or people, creating a still life of whatever inspired me in my travels. But I always had this creative side of me that longed to break out of the mold that I put myself in.

     Last year I broke the mold and ventured into other forms of art. I first started out trying to sculpt using tinfoil and tape, just to see if I could achieve another form of art. I now know that I can sculpt anything if I put my mind and heart into it. Later I moved on to sculpting with clay, creating things from my mind, and learning as much as I could about this art form that has been around for a long time. But still, there was always this world that I longed to be a part of but never had the determination to do anything about it until my partner suggested that he was going to try paint pouring. I have never thought of myself as a painter but I decided to give it a try as well. I think I found that I can express myself in ways I never knew. Although I have only scratched the surface in the world of paint I know that I will in years to come, perfect my craft, and create a new extension of myself, layering myself in the world of art.

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