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Born and raised in Italy, Tiziana has lived in Dublin since 2018.

As a child, she dreamed of having an easel, canvases, many colors, and painting in a garden facing the sea.

Tiziana's passion for painting has been put aside for many years but lately, she has finally taken the courage and started to transmit on canvas all that has been hidden for years.

She has always had a strong passion for different types of art, in particular for music, theater, and painting. Tiziana has always felt that something was missing in her life, she felt that a part of her had to be externalized.

As event manager and interior designer, she has always sought the beauty of things and people, living as closely as possible to her passions.

Last Christmas she received a few canvases, colors, and brushes as a gift, so she had no more excuses to postpone her passion for painting. Finally, on the 26th of December 2019, she began her artistic production.

Tiziana is a self-taught artist, in love with acrylic colors, curious and interested in different artistic styles.

She likes that her paintings need time to be observed, setting their eyes on the whole picture, on every color and every detail. She likes that people take their time to observe the painting and get lost in their world.

Tiziana's abstract paintings are rich, colorful, material, instinctive and multifaceted just like emotions, thoughts and human beings can be.

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