I escaped to the US in 1975 from Vietnam.  I have no formal training in art, but always enjoy the creative process of designing, drawing, or making something beautiful from raw materials.   Started dabbling with painting at nine or ten, mostly watercolor; however, stopped when other obligations of adulthood required more focus and time.  I pursued the career of a scientist.   I picked up the paintbrush again recently, specifically to paint a dream, which reflected my state of mind, saddened by the prospect of losing my father, and my inner escape.  

I draw ideas for my paintings from the photographs I took while traveling, or images of childhood in Vietnam, and from my dreams.  Some of my paintings are layered on digital prints of my photographs on canvas. I also create mixed-media sculptures. Usually, my subject is figural.  I like to mix different media, and processes, particularly Vietnamese lacquer painting (son-mai) and ink.

I live in Davis, CA, USA. 


 Ph.D. in Food Chemistry

Master in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Awards and Exhibitions

1. January 6th – March 17th, 2020

“Craft Neuvo” – a National Juried Exhibition at Smith and Wanish Gallery, CA, USA

2. February 2020

One of my paintings was featured on the cover of the February issue of the art and literature “DaMau” magazine

3. June 12th –July 25th, 2020

Annual Member Exhibition at Blue Line Arts Gallery California, USA

4. Oct 2nd-Nov 14th

“Political Charged” – a National Juried Exhibition at the Coker ‘s Feature Foyer Gallery, CA, USA

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