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Its times like this that life deserves more colour. From an early age I've had a hand in varying creative art forms thankfully always encouraged by my parents. I studied at Leeds College of Art gaining a BA (hons) degree in furniture making and design. Since then I’ve mainly took up spray painting as a creative medium over the last two years, mainly through experimental use complimented with heavy ink lines. It's safe to say my pieces are all one offs but share similar themes and evolve through each other over time. Ideas usually come from an impulse and I try not to think too hard on the end outcome, working more with the current process in mind. I find inspiration often comes from modernistic art and architecture and that’s the main reason why abstract shapes form such a core identity to my work. My love of squares, triangles and circles are constantly revisited and empowered by big bright colourful backdrops.

At this stage in time I currently work for family run, bespoke kitchen company. Yet through this I have access to so many weird and wonderful materials. I call it a great opportunity to upcycle! For that reason my canvasses can be from laminate and veneers to concrete and stone. Anything goes and nothing should go to waste.

Previously I have been very lucky to show my work at varying exhibitions. Most notably I have shown in 'Surf & 'Turf- exhibition (March 2019), hosted by 'Turf' in Croydon. I've also been part of a group show with 'Serf' in the Index Festival (July 2019) hosted between Leeds and Wakefield. In addition, its worth mentioning I was able to show my work two years running at TENT London (2013-14) and whilst this was more for my furniture background it certainly leaves an avenue open to one day return.

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