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Born - March 1961I have always been enthusiastic about art in all of it's forms, for as long as I can remember. At school I regularly had my paintings on display, the teacher always encouraged me to keep a record of my works, at the time I was not really sure why I should do this , so later when I spoke to the teacher she informed me that it would be a way to prove that the work was mine.After leaving school in 1977, I began to work more in photography, so my painting and drawing had to take a back seat. I took a correspondence course with the New York Institute of Photography where I learnt about composition and working with themes, I joined a number of Photographic clubs and worked closely with a young lady, who later would become my wife, we were regular winners of themed monthly competitions and in our first year we were crowned Photographer of the year at the local camera club, so I trained to be a wedding photographer, I found the experience of wedding photography so stressful due to the risk of ruining a couples most important day, because in those days photography was not instant digital but was film. After the wedding photography I moved on to become a freelance Sports Photographer, covering such diverse sports as International three day eventing through to Motor sport with the World Rally Championships.I exhibited my work at Chapletown and Harehills in Leeds.I worked for an aerial photography company for a short while, when the opportunity to become a trainee train driver came along, this allowed me to follow my grand-father on to the railway, this was an opportunity that I had to take.Working on the railway allowed me more time and money, to go back to what I loved and missed, working with paint, so I purchased a cheap set of pencils and a sketch pad from WH Smith, this was to prove to myself that I could still draw, and I found that I was now more patient and talented than before, due to the skills that I had gained from my time in photography. I began to receive more and more commissions for my paintings.I am inspired by all artists and I try to learn from everyone of them, from past masters to the humble doodler. My philosophy is to never stop learning, never stop improving. I have continued to catalogue all my own works, a habit taught to me by my school art teacher, a habit that is still very important.

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