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If for Andrea Benelli, an extraordinary, virtuous, expressive, and enthralling pianist and composer, the definition of "sound painter" was coined, by analogy, one could define Thia Path "musician of colors".

Colors that weave infinite chromatic textures, which sing about existence in its multiple experiential, emotional, sentimental dimensions, and, for the most part - hooray! finally! - in the coloring of joy, the pleasure of living, the ecstasy that few know how to draw from small things, from the slightest daily events: except children. And the inner child of Thia guided her to find the true expressive dimension of herself: in a moment and in the eternal present she gave voice and sound and song to the fullness of the joy of existing, even when she goes through themes and characters a little dark and dark, shadow figures, generally redeemed by the use, instead of grays and blacks, of purple, the color of spirituality.

Her images are apparently childish, sometimes with Picassian assonances, which express a still pure and fabulistic perception of existence. And yet, in the swirling of the lines of the drawings – sometimes large and full, incisive, with a brush, generally black; sometimes subtle and rapid, nervous and confident, as if traced by a beam of light, yellow or white – a transformation takes place which favors the truth of reality, of which only the adult can fully assume responsibility for the restitution.

An openwork, therefore, that of Thia Path, which leads us to await developments with confidence and joy.