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The subject of my work is the process. It is the balance between instinctive play and intentional construction. I love to explore the limits of my materials through the physicality of application. The beginning layers are loose and energetically applied without much attention. These layers allow me to find a state of flow where I am able to fully experiment with my use of colour, brush stroke, and marks. There is something transcendent about this stage for me and is the reason why I create.


Then it is time to step back and observe. The analytical part of the process. I will often photograph the piece and use an application like procreate to test out possible outcomes. I edit based on this testing phase. The tandem between unplanned and deliberate action can lead to endless possibilities, but the outcome is ultimately decided by a feeling that the piece is unified.


Tracy lives and works in her home studio Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She studied Fine Arts at MacEwan University. Her colourful abstract paintings have been displayed in local galleries, and can be found in private collections within Canada.

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