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I paint in oil, nature and country life related items. My work is always original, I get inspiration from nature as well as my experience, however all the images in my work emanate from my mind. I believe that the world is my canvas, inspiring me to create. The whole process of creating starts with deep meditation in which the two most important factors are combined to one entity; the canvas and myself.

My name is Tsila MacKay. I have been painting for twenty years, born and raised in Israel. I grew up in a stressful environment. I believe that the stress and “anger” is embedded in my work. Every piece I create challenges me. My point of view is unique and exciting I can see beyond the actual three dimensions.

I believe that my paintings also feature the element of sound. I know it may be funny and strange, but this is what I am told often. “You can almost hear it”.

I am a natural born artist, ever since my first recollection art has always ruled my life. I am an autodidact and I have never had a formal art education. Since kindergarten I knew art is my passion, mainly drawing. I remember arguing constantly with my kindergarten teacher. She always wanted me to do something different rather than paint all day. I remember resenting that and arguing with her every time she took me away from the painting area. I guess she had to do her job.

I am a mere shadow of my art!

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