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Tullio Mesi was born in Palermo in 1966, the city where he lives and works. A graduate in political science worked as a consultant and lecturer in vocational training, but his humanistic education and passion for art manifested from an early age, led to the decision to devote himself full time to painting. It was during a period of stay in Bologna in the late 90s, that after meeting and study of local painters, he began his artistic adventure. In 2005, in collaboration with the Province of Palermo, is, in fact, his first major exhibition, "Sphaera", which was a great success with audiences and critics. Tullio, who has identified an invaluable tool in vibrant color and turned on, in bold strokes and bold, adapted from the beloved masters of impressionism and expressionism before then, takes us on a fascinating dimension and restless, which can be seen in works as "September 11th", "Sphaera" and "the storm"; precisely this framework has been chosen as the cover of the book "Waves of Poetry" Literary Award "Sicily 2000", presented to the Politeama Theatre of Palermo in November 2006. In 2012 Tullio has been invited and has organized an exhibition entitled "South", in the elegant and evocative exhibition space of the secret garden of the Marquis of Cava De Tirreni (Salerno), already home shortly before a major retrospective exhibition on the big Spanish artist Joan Mirò. Tullio Mesi was also chosen and inserted in the international catalog of Modern Art (MDS), Edition 11 and 12, presented to the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament in November 2012. In October 2013, I attended made expo in Milan, an event connected to Expo 2015 (May/October). In November 2015 Exhibition at Montreux Art Gallery (Mag Expo) c/o Montreux Music & Convention Center (Switzerland) and in April 2016 Collective exhibition in an international fair in Rome, "April Rome Expo". Coming soon collective exhibitions in Italy in 2019/2020. ARTIST STATEMENT: The most beautiful sensation is to obsessively paint while walking with the mind, the canvas is only the realization of a small dream. The painter is like a brave child who continually challenges himself. Tullio Mesi received the CFA Honorable Mention Award for his artwork "THE BOY ON THE BENCH" in January 2020.

Collective exhibition 5-13 December 2019 c/o Art Cultural Center in Wien (Austria)

Collective exhibition 18-22 March  2020 c/o Art Metropol Europe in Barcelona (Spain)

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