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I’m a 20 year old Law Student from New Delhi, India. I have always been passionate about art since school but did not really gave it a serious chance until recently. I found the concept or the idea of Finger painting recently and the thought of making a painting
without the use of any brushes or palette knives intrigued me. I make all my paintings
using just my fingers and no other equipment. This way my art feels more personal to me.
I feel more attached to it. At first I wanted more and more people to know about finger
painting and how it is not just for kids but for adults too for creating more serious art.
I also have a YouTube Channel “Art by TM” where I demonstrate how I make my paintings to inspire and make them know about finger painting as a form of therapy.
Finger Painting for me is a form of therapy. It relaxes me. I Paint as it is the only thing
which keeps the Creative part inside of me alive. The feeling of rich oil paints when they
touch your fingers gives me immense joy. Exploring colour and playing with texture is like
meditation to me. My work is filled with texture rich strokes. My paintings have a visible
texture to them which makes it different.
I do Believe that colours have a relation with our moods and impact how we feel and with all the beautiful shades and different strokes, life is colourful indeed.

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