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« In the negation of what is not, remains what is. »

Urbano Fide is a twenty fifth aged years old and self-taught artist.
Based in Paris, he starts working the wood three years ago.
Sculptor, writer, poet, playwright, designer, his work is based on a research of identity through a multidisciplinary artistic expression.

« I’m just doing like every one in the society : looking for some identity. The self is doing incessant efforts to find one. But what it identifies to, is a concept, a memory, a structured thought. And I’m trying to deconstruct them, to find my self a real new identity, out of the bonds of society. And maybe I will find more than I imagine, overthere. »

Last exhibitions :
2018 : - Hasard Ludique, Paris
- Maison du peintre, Repaix
- Salon des artistes de Cirey-sur-Vezouze
2019 : - Station E, Montreuil
- Gîte des Arts de Harbouey
- Château Perché Festival
- Salon des artistes de Cirey-sur-Vezouze
- Le 6B, Saint-Denis

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