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I am Urvashi Patel. Born and raised in India and now settled in the United Kingdom.

 I started as an animal artist and moved to abstraction. Painting animals helped me to look deeper into my soul and I felt brave and free to start painting Abstracts.

 I paint feelings inspired by the rhythm of nature and life.     I hear music even in the silence and I like to dance on that music through expressive marks on the canvas.

 I believe that Nature and Life have their own music. When my mind is quiet, I can hear this music and I dance on the rhythm on my canvas. You are not buying a mere piece of art, you are having the piece of my soul. And it makes me happy if you can feel that rhythm too.


 M Y A R T P R A C T I C E


 I usually like to work on more than one painting at a time. It depends on how I am feeling at the time. I paint in acrylics, using ragged old brushes to make marks and create texture by putting multiple layers.

 Sometimes I even add mediums or use one or two other media. I love to use more white in my painting.

 My process of painting itself is a practice of mindfulness and meditation where I lose track of time and sometimes even forget to eat.

 I hope my painting reminds people to take pause, find their own rhythm and dance on it.

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