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Valentina Squitieri is an Italian painter and life coach. She moved to Basel,
Switzerland in 2013 when her journey of self-discovery started. Her paintings are characterized by several layers, colors, shiny oil surfaces mixed with rough pigments all together to express and manifest emotions on a canvas. 
Her works represent the transformation we go as human beings through the discovery of our inner-self. More than a reminder, a Hymn to bring that light to shine, accept and evolve.

"There is a point in life where a strong force moves us to look inward rather than outside. That force is our inner light suffocated and covered by the dust of society conditioning, the environment surrounding us or the way we grew up. That light is pawing to come out. It is by letting go the unnecessary, feeling and hearing that force, that surfaces are scratched, colors are accepted and the light is expressed"
Valentina Squitieri

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