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Vanessa Ferrauto is known as a makeup artist in the film and fashion industry. The passion for art in all forms and the creative working environment led to developing her own imaginary world that includes painting and digital art.  

Whatever the technique, the common points are always the same: the color impact and the psychological aspect of the image. Using oil colors she paints grotesque characters, transvestites, or specters suspended in the space whose penetrating looks force us to make eye contact. Along with digital art, she creates a psychedelic world in which the subconscious recognizes fantastic and mystical creatures.

Vanessa has recently undertaken a professional artistic career, participating in selected exhibitions and fairs in Italy, London, and Paris.


2019 - Exhibitions

Arthill Gallery - London

Espace Thorigny - Paris

Galleria Farini Concept - Bologna

D Studio - Milan

Arte Padova

Arte Fiera - Bologna

Inverart - Milan

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