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Vanessa is a Budapest-based artist and designer, using her canvas to tell stories and inspire people. Her artworks function as the primary tool to capture moments, feelings, deep thoughts, and memories. She designs clothes for her own fashion label, based on the paintings she creates.

She finds inspiration in emotions, stories, contrasts, and experiences. Besides that, nature, traveling, cultures, and once-in-a-lifetime journeys also inspire her. Her interests range from meditation, healing, and self-love. She takes people and her own perceptions as references for her artworks.

Vanessa believes that each of her paintings has several stories - they represent places, give guidance and tell what people need to hear. These stories are never the same, but always meaningful and truly personal. She aims to encourage the viewers to stop for a second, think, reflect and take something with them from the artworks. It’s her biggest motivation to deliver something that feeds the soul.

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