Born in Freiburg in the Black Forest (southern Germany) in 1981, Van Somphon Nguyen attended several further training courses in art, such as painting and sculpture in the theater or in the art school.  He has been painting intensively for 10 years. Van Somphon Nguyen is constantly finding new topics and his pictures and sculptures are media for this. The entire oeuvre is versatile: painting from oil, acrylic paints, pastel colors or charcoal drawings with various materials such as glue guns, polystyrene, wax candles, tapes and much more.  Sculptures made of various materials such as e.g. rabbit wires, clothing, clay and lamps for his work. His works were presented in several exhibitions in Germany. Soon also in Italy. Van Somphon Nguyen has lived and worked in Berlin since 2018.

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