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Self-taught painter. My apprenticeship went through the Madrid School of Arts and Crafts, the School of Architecture, working at a private level with renowned artists in the sector, and constant research on technique and materials.

  • Learning:

  • School of applied arts and artistic trades of Madrid

  • Madrid School of Architecture

  • IADE School of Interior Architecture (Madrid)

  • Study of D. Amadeo Roca in Madrid

  • Study of D. José Manuel Quesada in Madrid


Recent and upcoming exhibitions:


 • Maria Luisa Palace House in Jerez (March 2020)

 •Feast. Estepona Fair (April 2020) - postponed

 • Contemporary Art Fair Paris (March 2020) - postponed

 • Selected for finalist V realistic painting salon (June 2020)


 •  la potxola restaurant cafe (September 2020)

 • Goa majadahonda (November 2020)


Definition of his work:

  • My current work is carried out in the field of figurative abstract, finding myself comfortable in the stream of "Spontaneous Realism" or "Spontaneous Art". Abstract and figurative expressionism. Although I'm not stagnant and I'm still investigating new ways.

  • The usual themes: Portraits and others within figuration

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