Vickie is the recipient of multiple photography awards by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Her portfolio and working career spans over 25 years with assignments for Vogue - Queensland Brides - Gold Coast Magazine – Advertising - Birth Photography and Prestige Real Estate
whilst specializing in Wedding and Portrait Photography.
I have dabbled with paint most of my life and took a more serious approach to painting in 2017. Since then I have dedicated my days learning to understand acrylic paints whilst exploring a variety of mediums. I love street art and have come to understand the language of street artists and their
unique use and applications.... I am from Melbourne Australia – a big metropolis that’s influence is deeply ingrained into my psyche....
Raw authentic non conformity is paramount in expressing my art. I think this is due to a 30 year Spiritual Warrior Journey to find myself. I am still searching but I have reached a level of inner knowing and connection that deepens through my work. I am drawn to unruliness, gestural movements and bold colour that expresses the freedom of my childhood adventures in the back
streets of a big city.
These days I live in Rural Australia on the Murray River with my rescue dog Bear the Spitz. My art hangs in a few local cafes around town. I pretty much paint everyday with a reminiscent heart and the dog at my feet. This is the beauty of a simple life full of love, gentleness and peace. Thanks for
stopping by. I hope my work delights and connects with those who love bold colour and the playful approach and freedom of an artists inner child ......
Love Vickie and Bear xx

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