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My name is Victoria Ronnedal and I´m from Sweden. I was almost born with a pencil and a brush in my hand. I have always drawn and painted since I can remember, it just came to me naturally and I´m self-taught and always trying to get better and develop myself.
I think that if you get totally satisfied, you´ll lose your motivation to expand yourself.
My paintings are often very colorful and sometimes I like to paint the motive in more colors than the reality is. It´s just that it´s fun to change the world into however I want it to be. I don´t get caught up in the same kind of motive because I always discover new things that I want to see if I can manage. There´s always a lot of things going on in my head and sometimes I have like five or six paintings ongoing, just in my mind.
When I was younger, I made drawings of people and animals in greyscale, but over time I became more interested in learning how to paint with oil- and acrylic and sometimes mix them together. So that´s where I am right now on my artistic journey.

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