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He was born in January 13th in 1978 in Göksun a district of Kahramanmaraş. After he graduated from Kayseri Aydınlıkevler High School, he won the painting department in the faculty of fine arts of the Erciyes University in 2001.

He took the achievement award in painting competition organized by the faculty of fine arts. The same year he graduated from the faculty of fine arts.

He started teaching in Elazığ. In the first year of his teaching he held his first painting exhibition at Sabancı Culture Center.

In 2006 he started teaching in Vedat Evliya High School. After he established his own private painting workshop , he accelerated his studies.

The artist searches for a more aesthetic and more different world beyond the known boring and shallow world. This world is freer and more colorful. The combination of abstract shapes on canvas turns into free expression in this world. Because of each new development and knowledge change people’s point of view for the same object many times. So visual expression of this can’t stay the same. Moreover why forms should be reflected in strict limits? In this free expression, objects get rid of the bounding limits.  Colors change into new and sensational expression.

In 2013 he held a painting exhibition called ‘Aklımda Kalanlar’ at Vakıfbank Art Gallery.

In 2013 he held a painting exhibition called ‘Hayata Dair’  at Ankara Kuğulu Art  Gallery.

In 2014 he held a painting exhibition called ‘Nehirle Gelenler’ at Ankara State Art Sculpture Museum.

In 2015, in SEKUDER painting competition he was deemed to worthy to exhibit two paintings.

He held two personal and six group exhibitions.

In 2017, in a painting exhibition organized by the municipality of Büyük Çekmece, he gained honorable mention.

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