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Besides other activities, I’ve started painting and drawing as an autodidact. Furthermore, I’ve attended to a correspondence course in model drawing – including model drawing with a living model – and illustrative drawing and painting. Later on, I studied Art Therapy at Academie De Wervel in The Netherlands and studied drawing and painting at the Vrije Akademie de Leuwenburgh in Amsterdam.

For some time I had a practice for art therapy. During this time, my own work was more in the background, and I wasn’t focused on finishing my work in a way that it was ready to be shown to the outside world.

My own work became more important in 2016, and I started to develop my own style. In the beginning, my work was both figurative and abstract. Gradually I began to focus more and more on working abstract, among which belong to abstract landscapes.

Working with oil and cold wax influenced my way of working a lot, mostly concerning the structure and working with layers. I also started working with acryl mixed media.


Information about my work

Nowadays I’m mainly working abstract. I’m inspired by movements, shapes, and colors appearing in nature and by the connection these aspects of nature make with experiences, feelings, and the little things of daily life. In my art, I’m trying to elevate all this in a universal experience, not observable reality.
The beauty of the imperfection, of the temporary and the incompleteness, also referenced to as wabi-sabi, is something I’m interested in. Also, I’m intrigued by art created in and by nature, whereby you can see all different kinds of colors and structures created by natural weathering.

My work is an inner conversation with universal interfaces. I can start with an idea, but the idea can also be created in an interplay between myself and the work in progress. While I’m working, I’m enlarging, accentuating, adding and subtracting, to that what I want to be present in the painting, or to what makes itself visible during the process. How I end up with a composition, through reaction, interaction, confrontation and tension between the different actors – paint, color, shape, mark making and brushwork –, intrigues me over and over again.

Recently, I’ve been working on a series, where ‘gestural space’ – in the way it is explained in Analyzing Performance: Theater, Dance and Film (2003), a book by Patrice Pavis – is a central concept. In this book, ‘gestural space’ is defined as the space created by the presence and movements of the performers, and by the stage composition. This space is projected and sketched by the actors, and produced by their physicality. It is a cultured space that can be expanded or reduced. In my work, the role of the performers is allocated to the colors and their characters, the movements in the painting, the brushwork, mark-making, and the connection between them all.

At this moment, I’m also working on integrating geometric spaces and shapes in my work, with sharp edges and lines. This is in an experimental phase.

Often, my work has a poetic point of view; not directly comprehensible, speaking from the experience, presenting an ambiance, though still leading somewhere. To stimulate the viewer's own experience, I frequently choose not to give a specific title to my works.

I’m working mainly with oil and cold wax, and acryl and acryl mixed media. In my works, I use multiple layers, from which arise structure and texture. In this layering, you can perceive the human past, present, and future.

  • Besides the works shown on this website, you can also view my works on my Instagram account: instagram.com/vonnevandermeulen

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