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As a teenager, back in the 90s, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Almost all my pocket money went into fashion magazines and my spare time was dominated by drawing fashion sketches. I believe today it’s still the world of fashion,lifestyle and design that informs my ‘sujet’ and taste the most.

Ultimately, I majored in American Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Frankfurt, took a year of Media Studies in London, and presently have chosen Cologne to be my hometown, working at the University of Bonn. Nevertheless, painting has always been a part of my life.

Mainly I like to paint women figures and I love to “dress” them in patterns. Apart from the sheer human beauty, I find the human expression very diverse and strong. It tells a million stories and carries an infinite number of emotions, thus providing an endless source of inspiration.

I like painting with bright solid colors in acrylics and oil. The “dripping technique” is what I declared to be my distinguishing feature. I just love the natural and organic shapes it creates and find it gives a very unique aspect to every classic object and subject matter. Every so often I also make use of decoupage, as I like how the fine patterns add detail and thus also a certain liveliness and vibrancy to the overall composition.

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