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Early in my artistic endeavor, I allocated the task of precisely rendering nature to the photograph, freeing my drawing to become abstract, more impressions than accurate depictions of nature. The present emphasis of my work is on digital collages – a synthesis of my original photographs and drawings.

               I admire the simple elegance of lines, whether they be cracks in rocks or marks on paper. Merging the photographic elements of color, tone, and texture with the dignity of drawn lines has produced a visual allure I had not anticipated but am thoroughly delighted with.

               I love what happens with a pencil on paper. The lines can be soft and fragile, smudged, and partially erased or hard and embedded into the paper’s fibers. I am intrigued by what comes off the end of the pencil when I allow it to travel over the paper without overt intention. In a similar yet different way, I also like digital drawing, which can have a hardness and stark graphic quality reminiscent of a block print.

               I have an enduring fondness for the photograph and its innate ability to capture with precision nature’s magnificent design, from broad landscapes to small details. Formerly, I was a large format, black and white photographer (utilizing Ansel Adams’ Zone System) until digital cameras gained adequate capability and I began photographing in color.

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