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William James Ramsay is an abstract fine artist from Murton, a small village in the North East of England. He graduated from the University of Sunderland in July 2018 with a First-Class bachelor’s degree in fine art and was also chosen by nomination to be part of Roche Continents 2018 in Salzburg, Austria.

William’s focus and interests lie within the modernist aesthetic of hard-edged painting, geometric abstraction, and the minimalist movement. His creative intention is to develop the basic concepts of visual aesthetics: line, colour, form, scale, and perspective, to explore, interpret, and communicate architectural spaces and the everyday compositions he experiences.

This mindset and creative focus within William’s studio practice, have previously led and developed into both minimal and complex outcomes, ranging from drawings, hard-edge acrylic paintings, three-dimensional wooden sculptures, site-specific installations, and paintings made with vinyl tape. By exploring different mediums and working with a range of approaches to make, it has allowed him to produce work that has occupied both two and three-dimensional space in a coherent abstract language.

In more recent months in 2020, he has begun primarily focusing his attention on his process surrounding the hard-edge painting, trying to further develop the aesthetic and striking style he envisions. With each piece, William intends to use the basic design elements to create abstract two-dimensional compositions, that when used alongside carefully chosen colours, creates artwork that reflects the visual qualities of modern architecture. In particular, the sense of perspective and three-dimension.

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