I discovered the world of painting at 25 years old. All my childhood, I was surrounded by many paintings in the family house. Henri Girard, Jean-François Chaussepied, Yvon Daniel, and the paintings of my father who painted when he was young. Unfortunately, we never had the chance to share this passion together. The painting was something noble and inaccessible to me. When I found his old brand-new tubes of paint when I moved house, I decided to get started! I discovered a new universe, with lots of possibilities. When I paint, I choose the colors instinctively, I do not set goals and then the magic happens! I see certain things appearing, I try to keep my titles of works succinct to leave space for imagination.

My wish is to democratize art, that people are an integral part of understanding work and the artist.

I hope that my projects and my paintings will interest you as much as I do.

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