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Hello, I am Yasha and I live in the North of Holland.
I create digital art and designs since 2016. It was then when I made a transition from drawing and painting to digital art.
My paintings and drawings have been abstract pictures often inspired by day to day objects and scenes (like electro cables). They were shown in art cafes and in the gallery of Rogier Jonk in Bergen Binnen in the Netherlands 2016 and at the Hiltone Hotel, Mount Abu, India in 2008.
To step into digital art was like a creative quantum leap for me and I am in love with digital artwork ever since.
The possibilities of expressing myself through this technique are much wider.
I see a table not just as a table … I can give it a new life, new aspects and a personality. I want to show the beholder the secret beauty of the most ordinary objects and take them with me into new landscapes where everything that surrounds me can become part of this creative process.