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I was born in Maillardville, a French Canadian community near Vancouver. One of 6 siblings, we grew up in a loving albeit frugal family, with very artistic parents. I discovered my artistic expression when I was about 7 years old, playing in our back yard among an abundance of wildflowers. I recall scrounging in my Memere's craft closet to find materials to express my impressions os that field. Using scraps of wool I created my first artistic image, beginning my journey into the world of art. 
My evolution in glass art was totally unforeseen. While waiting for some glass shelves for a client, I noticed heaps of broken glass ready to be thrown out. "What a waste...what can I do with it" And so began my work with shattered glass of all shapes and sizes. It offers endless possibilities, consistently pushing me to new discoveries. Each piece is unique, original, and reflects my creativity, energy, enthusiasm, and free spirit. 
I love spending hours placing each shard of glass. It is a spiritual experience for me to create each piece.  

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